The One 61 Keys Portable Keyboard



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1. 61-key sensitive step-by-step counterweight keyboard

2. Easy to play with zero basis, play with the lights, and play with the whole family

3. Luminous magic keyboard, Finnish minimalist design

4. MFI authorized certification, the global pass rate is only 2%, compatible with some Android models

5. Silent mode, plug in earphones, no disturbance to the people

6. Musical interactive games, intelligent scoring like ‘Rhythm Master’

7. Video teaching, professional teacher parent-child demonstration of fingering, watching and listening to learn faster

8. Cloud music scores are updated in real time, music score assistant, voice intelligent assistant reminds fingering, music scores and staves are not boring

9. 256 melody tones, 8 reverbs, 64 polyphony


1.Rated output power 2.5w, power supply is 5v interface on the back of the piano body, 4 inch speaker*2, speaker rated power 3w*2

Built-in metronome, can be connected to headphones to play silently, surround sound

2.Adapt to all tracks in APP, automatically play music, support recording function

3.The LED indicator on the top of the keyboard synchronizes the APP score guide to play

4.Support USB Midi input and output function (Garage Band software), certified by Apple MFi

5.High-quality acoustic speakers, which can be connected to smart devices and use QQ, Xiami, Baidu, Netease, Kugou and other music software to play music

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