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Blue Lava 36" Smart Guitar (Midnight Black)

Blue Lava 36" Smart Guitar (Midnight Black)

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The 3.5-inch touch screen is full of imagination, and infinite surprises unfold from here.More powerful features are now at your fingertips.

The smart HILAVA system will be your tacit partner.It’s lightweight and easy to use, without the need for a phone. A variety of novel gameplay for you to explore.

Support WIFI + Bluetooth.

Automatically sync works & data

Lots of fun apps

Constantly update

Rest between classes, after-dinner time, camping in the wild,bring BLUE LAVA to give everyone an impromptu performance.The desktop component gets you ready quickly, swipe up for detailed settings.

Tuning recognition is fast and accurate

Personalized tuning

HPL material is suitable for temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃, relative humidity 10% ~ 90%, light and stable,easy to maintain, not easy to be deformed and cracked by weather

Beat this important thing, the metronome app makes it easy for you.Not only can preset rhythms, but the rhythm of fingertips can be recognized immediately.Tired of listening? A new kind of rhythm has a new feel.

Inspiration counts against the clock, and the recording app lets you record anywhere.It can effectively eliminate ambient noise, leaving only the pure original sound.


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