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FBAGS AIR (Lightweight Acoustic Guitar Case)

FBAGS AIR (Lightweight Acoustic Guitar Case)

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  1. Air Series Positioning:

    • Focus on high security and easy travel.
    • Lightweight, affordable, safe, and durable design.
    • Balances safety and portability without the need for a heavy box.
  2. EPP Box Material:

    • Utilizes lightweight and high-strength EPP materials from Aero Pacific.
    • Precision injection molding for reliability and portability.
    • Impact-resistant, waterproof, and high-temperature resistant.
  3. Weight Comparison:

    • The Air01 guitar box weighs only one-third of traditional guitar boxes.
  4. Weather Ability:

    • Closed cell structure of EPP data provides thermal insulation in hot and cold conditions.
    • Low thermal conductivity (0.028) for effective insulation.
  5. Energy Absorption:

    • Microscopic volume change absorbs impact energy, protecting the product from damage.
  6. Biodegradability:

    • Environmentally friendly and pollution-free materials.
    • Complies with EU ROHS environmental standards.
  7. Suitable Sizes:

    • Supports 40", 41" shape OM, AJ, and GA guitars.
    • Does not support small sizes (under 38") and 42" guitars.
  8. Information and Specifications:

    • Clear details at a glance.
    • Brand: F/FBAG, Model: FAir Box Air01.
    • Dimensions: Length 1140mm, Lower Width 485mm, Upper Width 385mm, Thickness 200mm.
    • Weight: 1.8kg, Attachments: Straps/Mat (10).
    • Splashproof, Fireproofing, Degradable.
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