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Lava Me 2 Carbon Composite Guitar with Freeboost System (Orange)

Lava Me 2 Carbon Composite Guitar with Freeboost System (Orange)

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Material and Soundboard. Reinvented. From the inside out.Combining the strongest and most efficient mechanic structure with the acoustic simulation design.
Each honeycomb has different height and thickness based on its mechanical function.
It generates extraordinary sound even with just a slight pluck. The curved honeycomb structure
keeps providing a sonorous and clear sound.

Setup with PLEK, the most advanced fret machining system, easy and comfortable to press.

Playing with effects without plugging into an amp.
The all new technology on the L2 preamp allows the back of the guitar to be utilised as a speaker. Turn on the preamp anywhere, anytime and play freely with built in Reverb, Delay and Chorus, all without the need for any cables or an amp.

FlyNeck, the neck with parametric design. Give you an extraordinary playing experience.

300% Stiffer. Always works for you
LAVA MUSIC re-designed the neck structure of the LAVA ME 2 and reinforced it with 2 Ultra Stiff carbon fiber rods.

Top Material Type Super Airsonic (Carbon Fiber Composite)
Body Material Airsonic (Carbon Fiber Composite)
Back Material Type Carbon Fiber
Neck Material Type HPL
Fretboard Material Type HPL
Guitar Pickup Configuration L2 Pickup System with FreeBoost Features
String Material Type Phosphor Bronze
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